Synaa Green Papaya Scrub Soap


Synaa green papaya scrub soap contains papaya fruit extract, walnut shell granules and vitamin E. The synergistic effect of these helps Polish your skin which helps to improve skin tone resultingin a radiant look.
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Synaa Herbal Mix Enriched With Aloe & Sandal

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Aloe & sandal oil soap
Synaa #herbal #mix #soap enriched with #aloe & #sandal is known to be effective for #oily #skin.These herbs are known to balance skin #tone.and provide #nourishment.#Triphala & Aloe #rejuvenates your skin providing #hydrates,oil free clear #glowing skin.
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Synaa Neem Soap


synaahennaSynaa #Neem #Soap is #enriched with #cold pressed #pure #Neem #oil this and #vitamin E. #Neem has proven #antibacteria property which deep cleanses your skin to keep it clear from acne. Vitamin E is an excellent #antioxidant which plays a role in the #anti-ageing of skin.The #synergistic effect of #neem #oil and #vitamin E is synaa #Neem #soap helps #promote #acne #free,#youthful and #clear #skin #naturally.

Synaa Day Cream


Synaa Day Cream gives skin the intensive moisture it needs to support its natural balance. Enriched with olive extract it helps to protect the skin from sunlight induced environment influences and premature ageing and refreshes skin.

Synaa Hair Pack



Shikakai pod powder is particularly valuable for shampooing and is also considered a superior cleanser for lustrous long hair and for promoting hair growth and preventing dandruff. It acts as a natural astringent for hair care and dirt accumulated on the scalp and strengthens hair roots.

Synaa Shampoo


Synaa Henna cream shampoo is specially formulated for colour protection of your natural as well as coloured hair, the UV filter protects the hair colour thereby making it lasts longer. Henna & Soya proteins conditions, nourishes and smoothens hair fibres, restoring the natural coats of the hair along with preventing damage caused by sun & harmful dye materials, providing luster, voolume, bounce and texture to your hair.


Synaa Olive Shampoo is a blend of Olive, Brahmi, Neem, Amla & Shikakai. They clean and cool the ravaged scalp from every day chemicals & pollutants; strengthens hair roots, helps maintain moisture balance and keep hair healthy & non frizzy.

Synaa Permanent Powder Hair Colors

Synaa Permanent powder hair colors recommended for grey or partially grey hair as it covers “GREY” naturally.

• No Ammonia – No peroxide

• Longer Lasting

• Excellent Grey Coverage

• Natural Essence

• Natural Looking

How to use : Kindly mix one bottle of Synaa Permanent Powder Hair Dye in plastic bowl. Put 60 ml of water; mix well with a brush to make a paste. Apply the paste on dry hair with a brush. And wait for 30 minutes for the colour to develop. Rinse hair thoroughly with water, until water runs clear and after that use specially formulated Synaa Colour Protector Shampoo for colour protection.

Available Pack : 6 gm

Available Shades :
Natural Black
Black Brown
Darkest Brown



Synaa Henna + Herbs is a range of Herbal Hair Colors. They are safe & easy way to colour your hair naturally and gently. As absence of Ammonia and Peroxide, keeps your hair gentle and smooth, even after repeated use.
How to use : Mix the powder with about 200 ml hot water and stir it into a thick paste of uniform consistency. Shampoo your hair, before application. Towel dry and comb through to remove any tangles. Apply paste with brush, uniformly all over the hair, starting at the roots of the hair and working backwards along the length of the hair till the ends. Bunch all the hair on the crown of the head. Leave the paste on 30 minutes to 2 hours. Rinse your hair with cold water. For darker intensity, you may add 2 teaspoons of tea/coffee to the hot water used for making the paste.
Size : 80 gm

Available Shades :
Plum Brown
Golden Brown
Copper Brown

Synaa Face Pack


Synaa Fullers Earth (Multani Mitti) revives and restores natural beauty of the skin. It is effective clay for improving the facial complexion. It makes an excellent cleansing mask, possesses highly absorbent qualities. Removes deep seated impurities. It helps in improving the blood circulation while absorbing the dead cells on skin surface. It absorbs the excess oil providing healthy and supple skin.